From the creators of “Cyanide and Happiness”.

Back in 2017, the hilarious creators of Cyanide and Happiness released a full season of a new series exclusively for the streaming service Blackpills.  Earlier this month, the creative minds behind this project announced that the entire season would now be made available on YouTube.  On June 4th, the first two episodes of Purgatony were officially released on the internets largest video website, with one new episode a week to follow.

You can find the first episode right here:


Purgatony follows the bureaucratic exploits of Tony.  Working in the afterlife, Tony evaluates those in purgatory deciding who moves onto heaven, and those who are sent below.  Between his interesting appointments, micro-managing boss and perky co-worker, Tony is stuck in an afterlife that may be worse than hell itself.

Purgatony premiered to mixed reviews, including a mediocre score here on Bubbleblabber.  However, it has proven to be a fan favourite on Blackpills with many fans clamouring for a second season.  No news on whether a second season is in the works or not yet, but it is still exciting for this series to be distributed on a more universal platform.

Maybe with enough hype built on the YouTube channel, the powers that be can greenlight more episodes.  Either way, for fans of Cyanide and Happiness, this is a must watch.

Jesse Bereta

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