Puppet Videos: BGT 2019 Gets Insane Act ; Stern’s “Alex Jones” Is On Another Level

Stern is out of his mind and I love it.

The Howard Stern Show is continuing it’s run at “Alex Jones” and this bit may be the best yet. Featuring not just puppet caricatures of Alex, but Jimmy Kimmel, Howard Stern, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Soros, and a bunch of others that are crudely made and voiced for the purposes of the Siriux XM App. A clip can be seen here, and it’s fabulous.


Courtesy: iTV

British Got Talent 2019 is still going through auditions and man, some of them are just heading off of the deep end. Tae this Lullaby Lisa character who claims to have a puppet show but I’mt not so sure it’s not a retired stripper going to town. Obviously, the judges were just as scared and opted to not advance her act into future rounds of the competition.

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