Pull List Preview 2/5/20: Oni Press ; DC Comics





Aggretsuko #1

Courtesy: Oni Press

Sanrio and Oni Press join forces to bring Aggretsuko to comics for the first time! Aggretsuko, the hit Netflix show in production for season three, stars Retsuko the Red Panda, a young office worker stuck in a thankless job, whose only stress release is singing heavy metal at the local karaoke joint. With the help of her friends, can she ever find the job satisfaction she craves – – not to mention adventure, the approval of her mother, and even… love?! These comics explore all these issues and more, brought to life by today’s top talent!


gen:Lock (2019-) #10

Courtesy: DC Comics

Team gen:LOCK faces down General Anno while Osaka burns around them. Can they take control of their holons in time or will the Shogunate destroy The Polity and The Union along with Osaka?!