Producer For “The Simpsons” Discusses Steamed Hams, Expanding Relationship With Disney+, & More

Matt Selman recently had a chance to chat with /Film where he touched, albeit briefly, on a few points relating to the future of The Simpsons.

One of the points mentioned is that an upcoming episode will feature Chalmers/Skinner taking a road trip. Says Selman:

 There’s one coming up in the fall that’s basically just a Skinner/Chalmers road trip show because we know those characters can sustain. Their own relationship is so interesting and compelling and f*cked up that we could do that. 

Matt later references that a Steamed Eggs Easter Egg could pop up on a future episode, the aforementioned one coming in the fall seems like the apropo way to do just that, but that’s just conjecture at this point. Matt does delve into what could be an eventual evolving relationship with Disney+. Ideas pitched, post show podcasts, DVD commentaries, and of course, the correct aspect ratio, were all on the table pending legal discussions that still have yet to take place. You can read more of the interview here.

A new episode of The Simpsons premieres this Sunday Night @ 8 pm ET/PT, check your local listings. The episode is entitled “The Miseducation of Lisa Simpson”,the sea captain finds a treasure he’s been searching for all his life, but it’s taken from him by the townspeople and Marge convinces the people of Springfield to build a STEM school.

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