People Don’t Know What To Make Of “Love, Death, & Robots”

And we’re laughing at all of it.

Dear Lord, this is why we can’t have anything nice. It’s been less than a week since Love Death & Robots premiered on Netflix and you can read our review of it right here. However, the range in responses of which people are reacting to the series range from a clear bias to that of attempting to accuse Netflix of somehow knowing peoples’ sexual orientation.

First up, producers from Adult Swim series and those of Netflix have been going back and forth for quite sometime now. Adult Swim VP Jason DeMarco has been making sure it’s known which parent company signs his checks by having subjective thoughts on the likes of BoJack Horseman and the producers of that series kindly returned the favor by working over the social handle of Adult Swim during #InternationalWomensDay. The results were entertaining, but it looks like Jason wasn’t done there. Recently he’s been rather critical of Love Death + Robotsand admittedly, he has some fair points (the monotony of some of the shorts), however, some of his rant was clearly on the side of trumpeting his employers who are having a bad week anyway. Look, we love Jason, and he has an excellent eye for talent, however we wish he was more pissed off at his PR department who seldom returns our simple press inquiries.

Oh, and if you’re looking for social justice outrage, Love Death & Robots has done a job of that as well. Some have noted the lack of women producers on the series with writer Philip Gelatt being made responsible to write most of the episodes. However, in my book, it’s quality, not quantity, that counts. And in the case of women representation, they BROUGHT it. Most of the animated shorts on LDR, feature women leads, and less we forget the stories in which sketches were inspired by including those from Kirsten Cross and Claudine Griggs whose stories helped bring us “Sucker of Souls” and “Helping Hands” respectively. Also,  Janis Robertson who wrote one of the best sketches of the entire series, “When the Yogurt Took Over”.

And most recently, Netflix social had to reply to some dude who thought that the episodes were being shuffled according to sexual orientation. Now, having signed up for Netflix, I can’t recall being asked my sexual orientation (I looked, I wasn’t), so not sure how that came to pass. However, it was confirmed by Netflix that the episode orders ARE being put through an A/B test for different episode orders for research purposes. What orders? I’m not sure, and I really didn’t care about the order that much to think Netflix was somehow spying on me. Also, most technical engineers understand A/B testing for informational purposes.

Love Death + Robots is streaming now on Netflix.

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