#NYCC: Adult Swim Is “Dynamite”

So, when G and I wandered over to the American Airlines theater, we had a plan. We were going for the Superjail panel, then go to the Walking Dead premier and then I was going to return for the rest of the Adult Swim lineup and G was going to cover the Beavis and Butthead premier(more on that later). However, as we walked up the line for Superjail was HUGE. We got in, but at the conclusion of the demo I told G,  “You go on without me homie, I’m staying here”. I did this for two reasons…1) I wasn’t sure I would get back in for the China, IL panel(and I was right) and 2) I noticed something…Cartoon Network is on FIRE!


Let’s start with the Friday showing first shall we? On Day 2 of NYComicCon Adult Swim had Venture Bros. and Robot Chicken panels and both had a lot of fun.

When the Venture Bros. panel opened Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick knew they had to “go big or go home” and they did as they brought their respective “A” games and “took it to the next level”. The panel was a “Pure Win” as they “conversated” how “In your face” the upcoming season was going to be as they slowly but surely take it to the “Big Time”. In closing, the “Wow Factor” was  right there, and will surely avoid a “meh” grade from me.

Next, we had the Robot Chicken panel headed by voice actors Macauley Culkin( who should probably be fronting a rock band), Clare Grant, co-creators Seth Green and Matt Senreich, followed by a surprise guest Geoff Johns! Now you might be wondering “What the fuck is Johns doing there?” well as it turns out in a few weeks the whole crew is going to begin production on a DC Comics themed special called “RC/DC” which has DC Comics’ finest superheros caught in the behest of our favorite Mad Scientist. And judging from the clips for this thing its going to KILL. Not to be outdone, Season 5.5 looks out of control with skits from the Transformers(Peter Cullen?) and Precious along with the 100th episode featuring Bitch Puddin’. Robot Chicken 5.5 starts on Oct 23rd with the new Blu-Ray/DVD coming out Oct 25th.

So, Day 2 of NYCC was great, but Day 3(Saturday) is when Adult Swim showed its muscle.

Superjail ‘s panel featured Christy Karacas and Stephen Warbrick with Jackson Publick and Janine DiTullio first premiering a brand new episode (albeit without audio) and then announcing that SuperJail is back for Season 3 and the Season 2 DVD will be available Spring 2012.

 After a few more panels, one which included Kristen Schaal telling everyone that Bob’s Burgers is back in March! We get a PACKED house for China, IL showing a never before seen episode(that had everyone dying laughing).  Seriously, THIS is the best show on late night right now.  Neely, got BERATED with questions about the Wizard People characters, but all in all this was a great panel with Brad providing awesome insight into what’s to come but also trying his best to keep the old-schoolers interested.

Lastly, Black Dynamite. To be honest, I’ve never seen the movie and wasn’t sure what to expect. But, the first thing they did was show behind-the-scenes footage of what’s to come and check out this list of people that are going to be in this show…Eddie Griffin, Orlando Jones(!), Cedric Yarborough, Arsenio Hall, Debra Wilson(!!!), and more! Not to mention that Kim Whitley, Michael Jai White, Tommy Davidson, and yes Byron Minns are ALL coming back as the main cast. I am going to be looking for this show and am SO pumped for this!



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