New Toy Lines From Kidrobot And Funko Feature “Futurama” ; “Robot Chicken” ; “South Park”

Grab those X-mas lists!

Do you know what Futurama, Robot Chicken, and South Park all have in common? None of the series have new episodes of television this week airing BUT they each have new toys on the way inspired by their respected animated juggernauts.

Kidrobot has released a slew of new keychains inspired by Futurama which features characters like Fry, Bender, Zoidberg, Leela, and a host of others. You can take a gander at the collection here as they retail each for $5.99.  Robot Chicken is also getting in the Kidrobot game with a brand-new vinyl figure as part of it’s more expansive line with Adult Swim that will feature toys from Mr. Pickles, Rick and Morty, and a slew of others. The Robot Chicken one will retail for about $50 and you can order it here.

Funko is also getting into the new toys just before the holidays with a new South Park line released for the show’s new season which does NOT have a new episode premiering this Wednesday that features the likes of Chef, Mr. Hankey, Mr. Garrison, and the rest of the white trash town. These haven’t been released yet, but when they do, we’ll have the update.



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