Netflix Orders “Inside Job” For 20 Episodes From The Producers Of “Gravity Falls”

Impossible to ignore.

Netflix has ordered 20 episodes of a new adult animated series called Inside Job created by Shion Takeuchi (Gravity Falls) with Alex Hirsch (Gravity Falls) on board as an EP. The series is a workplace comedy set in a government where all of the conspiracy theories that have been contrived are, in fact, true. The illuminati, reptoids, and maybe flat Earth are all alive and well here in the series coming straight from Netflix Animation studios. No stream date has been announced yet.

Our Take

Shion has an impressive resume that includes stops at the aforementioned Gravity Falls, Regular Show, and Disenchantment. The premise sounds like a bunch of fun and I’m excited to learn more about the series as we get the information. For Netflix? The largest streaming service in the world stays busy in an industry that continues to flourish…adult animation.

[h/t: THR]


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