Must-Read: Comprehensive Report On Current And Future State Of Adult Animation


Longtime Mondo Media producer John Evershed has released a new whitepaper about the rise of adult animation that you can read here. Here’s what John has to say about the piece that was published last week:

I wanted to take a comprehensive look at the adult animation market that’s rarely broken out as a discreet category. The report details a marked increase in the number of upcoming animated series for adults and an overall increase in the diversity of hybrid comedies and non-comedy genre series (horror, sci-fi, etc.). Key factors cited for this increase include expanded programming needs for the growing lineup of SVOD platforms; growing audience comfort with a wide array of animated content genres; and the fact that non-comedy animation typically exports better internationally than culturally specific comedies. The net effect of the increase in appetite for adult animation from the streamers, linear channels and digital platforms, combined with the trend towards non-comedy genre series, will make adult animation one of the fastest growing animation categories and a wide open greenfield opportunity for studios and talent.
Our Take
Adult animation is an industry, not a genre. Nobody has taken this stance longer than we have and we’re happy to see industry figureheads like John note the same thing. Not included in John’s report is the $10 billion anime industry which includes an increasing number of English dubbed adaptations, and with the likes of I Lost My Body, Anomalisa, and others getting critical acclaim and getting closer and closer to taking Disney off of it’s perch for best animated film, it’s only going to be a matter of time before the industry gets it’s due in terms of respect.
As John notes, streaming services, TV, and more platforms are all ordering up adult animation films and TV series like crazy, so it’s a great time to be in the game. We’re the industry leader in this coverage and it isn’t even close, so get ready!

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