More Casting News From Rooster Teeth’s “Gen:Lock”

You’re gonna carry that weight.

As we inch ever closer to premiere of Rooster Teeth’s upcoming giant fighting robot show, “Gen:Lock”, we have now learned a bit more about who will be in the pilot chairs of these metal behemoths. It was only a little over a month ago that Michael B. Jordan was announced as the series’ main role, Julian Chase, and he will be joined by yesterday’s confirmed cast additions of longtime actress Dakota Fanning and veteran anime voice actor Koichi Yamadera.

Fanning obviously knows her way around the acting block, having been prominent in the industry since childhood and appearing in feature films as recent as “Ocean’s 8”. She’s not exactly a stranger to voice talents either, having lent her vocals to the dub of Studio Ghibli classic “My Neighbor Totoro”, as well as the animated adaptation of the Neil Gaiman penned children’s book “Coraline”, in which she played the titular role. However, outside of working with Seth Green on a French-Belgium CGI film called “Yellowbird” in 2014, Fanning doesn’t have much of a recent resume in voice work, but obviously, RT has confidence in her acting chops. She will be taking on the role of Julian Chase’s designated love interest Miranda Worth, also a mech pilot.

The other newcomer won’t have this issue, having worked in dozens of anime (where Gen:Lock pulls influence from) since the mid to late 80’s and into this current year. His most famous roles include those of Spike Spiegel from the classic “Cowboy Bebop”, Togusa from “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex”, and more recently the God of Destruction Beerus from “Dragon Ball Super”. His role will be Kazu Iida, a transfer from the Japanese military to take part in the Gen:Lock program with Chase and Worth.

We’re slowly gaining a clearer picture of the world and characters of this new forming world of Gen:Lock, and we’ll keep you updated as new announcements surface.

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