Married…With Children Animated Series Being Shopped To Networks And Streamers


Deadline is the first to report the prospect of a Married…With Children revival coming in the form of an animated series that is currently being shopped to TV nets and streamers by Sony TV whom recently did the same thing with Good Times. Like Good Times, Married…With Children is a classic live-action sitcom that features a bevy of actors who are probably a bit too busy to do anything with a live-action revival, but an animated one? Sure!

The revival is expected to have the original cast reprising their roles including Ed O’Neill (“Al Bundy”), Katey Sagal (Peg), Christina Applegate (“Kelly”), and David Faustino (“Bud”).  Development of the animated series has been going on through the entire last year, but Sony wanted to wait to shop it until they had the cast inked. That’s happening, so on we go!

Family Guy’s Alex Carter is expected to be the showrunner should there be a show to run.