Listen To Our Interview With The Producers of “Tender Touches”


We had a ball!

Last night I had the esteemed pleasure of being on the Adult Swim Stream show Bloodfeast where hosts  (voice of Steve and show creator), Dave Bonawits (voice of Curtis and show creator), were kind enough to give me an hour to batter the cast and crew of Adult Swim’s Tender Touches which airs Weeknights every day this week @ 1230 am ET/PT and 345 pm ET on Streams. Also included on the call was the hilarious Lauren Payne (voice of Dr.Bismol and show creator who did all the character designs), and Bradley Millner (voice of Charlene).

During the course of the conversation, we got to learn about the humble beginnings of Tender Touches and even more impressively how the creators of the show came up through the ranks of Adult Swim’s administrative offices to eventually produce a series of their own. The duo also gives us their best take on an Emmy’s speech and let us know specifically their favorite places to be touched tenderly.

Listen to it here.

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