Kickstart This Now!! Maxwell Atoms’ Dead Meat

With only 9 days to go I thought I’d take a closer look at Maxwell Atoms’ Dead Meat Kickstarter and implore you all to pledge.

dead Meat large

Much of the art associated with the pledge rewards we have already shown you but there is still loads to get excited about over at the Dead Meat Project page. Billy and Mandy creator Maxwell Atom’s has been working on the stop motion/puppet series Dead Meat in his spare time over the last year and finally decided to go to Kickstarter in order to finish the project last month.

Dead Meat is described as:

A twisted R-rated buddy comedy/action movie featuring a mixture of live actors, puppets, and a surreal combination of practical and digital FX.  If “The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy” was my take on laughing at irrational childhood fears, “Dead Meat” is my take on laughing at the often all-too-real fears of adulthood.


  • Every time you turn on the news, you find yourself shaking your head, wondering how humanity can be so massively stupid.
  • You’re in it for the LULZ.
  • You’re tired of watching soulless, watered-down studio movies and think that entertainment should be, well… entertaining.
  • You are, in any way, inebriated.
  • You enjoy watching puppets shoot each other and get run over by cars.
  • You mostly watch Dancing With the Stars and stuff like that, but you’re feeling a touch daring.
  • You’re wealthy and somewhat irresponsible.
  • You enjoy shocking surprises, fun characters, smart ‘n’ sassy dialog, and buckets of puppet gore.
dead Meat socal sektor
The world of Dead Meat ( click to embiggen)


The series is the story of a loveable mutant mutt, the Dead Meat of the title, who dreams of being like his hardcore mutant hunting master James “Heck” Heckler, who Dead Meat rescued from a sticky situation. Dead Meat wants Heck to return the favour and spare the life of Battle Priestess Suzuki Jackson, an act which could undermine Heck’s entire lifestyle and even have world shattering repercussions.

dead Meat cast


So far, many cool voice artists such as Josh Sussman and Phil Lamarr have agreed to join the cast of Dead Meat and seeing as the pledge rewards range from keychains to puppets in the series made in your image, there are a lot of great reasons to check out the Kickstarter. There is some amazing art by Maxwell Atoms on offer too, so, what are you waiting for? Get yourself over to the Dead Meat Kickstarter right now and pledge, pledge, pledge!