Kenny McCormick Got an Invite to Washington!

And he isn’t going there to try and bang out Obama’s children!


So, South Park’s “Cock Magic” was a nod to all of the Magic: the Gathering players of the world, done in only a way South Park can give us. And to thank Matt and Trey, Wizards of the Coast (the subsidary of Hasbro that develops and produces Magic: the Gathering) sent a special invite to one of the more prestigious Magic tournaments in the world.



As the invite says, Kenny is on the official invite list for Pro Tour Fate Reforged , happening from 6th through the 8th of February in Washington. He is also on the official Pro Tour invite list on the M:tG site. As a player of Magic, as well as a big fan of South Park, it’s great for me to see this mutual show of respect. This is just as good as “Make Love, not Warcraft” from season 10. I wonder how the broadcasting staff is going to handle this when the Pro Tour streams in February.

And on their Twitter, South Park Studios released some of the cards that were used in “Cock Magic.” While they look nothing like the real cards, they probably should be. I smell promos coming!




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