Jon Benjamin Makes A Kickstarter Even More Ridiculous Than The Kenny Loggins One


Ah Kickstarter, the fundraising website that helps noble causes like bringing back Reading Rainbow, creating the world’s most expensive potato salad, and getting Kenny Loggins to play in your living room.

Now H. Jon Benjamin (Archer, Bob’s Burgers) has thrown his hat in the ring and tacked himself onto that DC-based guy’s successful Kenny Loggins Kickstarter, looking to raise $15,000 to fly to the nation’s capital and introduce the superstar.

First things first, it’s a funny move, especially considering Archer’s affinity for the musician, as displayed in numerous episodes, including a Loggins appearance last season.

In addition, Benjamin wanted to make a point about certain less-than-worthy charity campaigns, he told The Village Voice in an interview. “I hate these inane Kickstarters hosted by privileged assholes asking for other people’s money in the service of ironic projects that add nothing to the cultural conversation,” he said. “So I started one.”

Silly as it is, Benjamin has put some thought into the introduction itself. “I do know part of the money we take would go to going to DC by helicopter. I really want to arrive by helicopter at the guy’s condo if that’s technically possible,” he explained.  “Otherwise, I will videotape me landing when the helicopter lands and show it to everybody. I’ve never taken a helicopter before, so I really think this is a good opportunity.”

Donors have a variety of rewards to thank them for contributing to the cause, including a signed photo or DC postcard from Benjamin for $50. For $1,000, one can even have drinks with him before the show. “Either in my hotel room or in a controlled space where I can bartend for an hour,” he said.

Honestly, that sounds like quite the reward. If I had an extra grand lying around, I’d definitely cash in on the opportunity. Unfortunately, I don’t.

Which gives me an idea: I’m going to start my own Kickstarter campaign to raise $1000 to donate to Jon Benjamin’s Kickstarter campaign, so that I can get drunk with him. As a semi-respected writer and drinker, I think participating in the event and documenting it would be a solid piece of journalism.

So please donate to my worthy cause, so I can donate to Jon’s. Think about it, if you’re going to throw a few bucks at the guy, but not enough to get the big reward, wouldn’t you at least want to experience it second hand? Maybe?

[via The Village Voice]

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