Jimmy Kimmel Re-Teams With Comedy Central To Bring Back “Crank Yankers”

Time to get cranked!

Comedy Central is ready to bring back one of the network’s venerable favorites, Crank Yankers! Comedy Central is teaming up with Jimmy Kimmel for 20 more episodes of the adult puppet comedy all about famous people making calls to unsuspecting victims. Producers Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel return to the fold with Jonathan Kimmel acting as the showrunner.

Before caller ID, phony phone calls were synonymous with American lexicon the same way apple pie is. The likes of The Simpsons, Howard Stern Show, and The Jerky Boyz helped popularize the popular prank that eventually found it’s way on Comedy Central television by way of Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel’s Crank Yankers. The Stern disciples created a series involving puppets re-enacting celebrities making prank phone calls to unsuspecting victims or “marks” as it were and everyone was in on it. There were no scripts, and it was the likes of Eminem, Tracy Morgan, and Sarah Silverman making real phone calls to real people and coming up with real responses.

In fact, the series’ demise was probably as a result of its sheer genius as the show had to be produced in the only state that allowed phone calls to be recorded without consent…Nevada. Crank Yankers ran four season which, for a Viacom-produced animated series, is quite rare, and it’s demise was probably more having to do with the hectic production scheduling more than anything else.

Crank Yankers aired for three seasons on Comedy Central before doing a season on MTV2.




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