Jeff Dunham suing for ‘Walter’ character copyright


Jeff Dunham is setting out to make sure that not only does HIS likeness not get lifted, but any of his live-ventriloquist puppet acts. That’s because The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Jeff and his lawyers is going after another ventriloquist named Tony Horn for selling dummies that look similar to that of the world famous ‘Walter’ character.

For those that don’t know, ‘Walter’ is the part of the show where Jeff eschews that of an old/cranky man that usually complains about his wife and will even dispel jokes at the hands of Dunham.

You can read more about the complaint here which claims that Horn makes and sells replica Walter dummies for anywhere between $350 and $1000 a piece. At first glance, I can definitely see a resemblance between the two dummies and although usually I like to root for the little guy in cases like this, Dunham has a compelling argument. Tell us if you guys can see the differences between Walter and the replica in the comments below.

John Schwarz

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