ITS WEBS-DAY!! “Lulinternet Can Suck It, Video Game Therapist, and Gundarr-Meme Goose-ta!”

Gundarr-Meme Goose-ta!

The name of the show itself is just fun to say. Like I just want to run around NYC roaring “GUNDARRRR” in peoples’ faces. In any case Gundarr follows a Barbarian with really hard nipples and brandishing a gun named “Gundarr” and throughout the course the show we follow him as he battles his nemesis, Toddy the Wizard. In this episode Toddy is trying to download porn but due to his dial up taking so long he friggin’ can’t making Gundarr all that more relatable. All in all, the animation is crisp, the voice acting is a tad cliche’d but still funny, and it totally gives Mondo another legit show in its already impressive repertoire.

(8.0 out of 10)

Lulinternet Can Suck It

Cartoon Hangover sees this show as one of its flagship properties and I gotta say I can’t see why. It’s stupid, unfunny, unoriginal, and just a big heaping pile of excrement. Steer clear of this piece…

(0.0 out of 0)

Sky-Rim Video Game Therapist

I know nothing about Skyrim mainly because I don’t care to, but Video Game Therapist is one of the best web series on Mondo right now. Imagine your favorite video game characters getting therapy from Dr. Phil and you have pretty much the basis of the show, however the jokes are hysterical and there were so many “A-ha” moments I could barely keep up!  The show was written and created by Mike McCafferty and this was only the first episode but already I want more. The only gripes I have some minor gripes with this particular episode like the poor Arnold Schwarzenegger-esque voice-acting but other than that this is one I will be sure to keep my eye on.

(9.0 out of 10)

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