Is Adult Swim Teasing An “Aqua Teen” Revival?

It will be two years next month since we’ve last seen Aqua Teen Hunger Force and it still hurts every fucking day. But could that all change? Welp, this happened on Adult Swim a couple of days ago:

With a LOT of premieres happening before the end of this year, Adult Swim’s got a bit of a content problem for 2018. There hasn’t been a WHOLE lot in terms of development announcements this year but we do know that a new season of Dream Corp LLC is incoming along with some Venture Bros. A new season of Aqua Teen greenlit NOW would give enough time for the show to go into production for a summer ’18 bow. Obviously, this is all conjecture and no announcement has been made just yet.

Aqua Teen Force Forever wrapped in August 2015 with a STELLAR season and quite frankly, I don’t care WHAT they call it. They could call it, Aqua Teen Shamalamadingdong and I’m gonna watch it, so maybe let’s quit messing around and see this happen…you?

John Schwarz

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