IGN’s Brick Battles Is Like A Lo-Fi Alternative To “Robot Chicken”

Someone from IGN is touching me right now as I write this.

IGN has officially launched two episodes of its brand-new original animated series Brick Battles all while in the midst of allegations of sexual harassment by way of multiple employees that would eventually lead to a staff-wide walk out.

Brick Battles uses stop-motion animation and hundreds of thousands of bricks to bring the worlds of popular TV and video game franchises alive in a unique way. In the first couple of episodes, we get to see what it would be like if Overwatch and MTV’s The Real World were smashed together.
The series is produced by Digital Wizard Studios and you gotta really hand it to the upstart stop-motion studios as I’m sure they were given a shoe-string budget to create anything discernible and they pulled it off. You can watch the first two episodes of the show here and a trailer for the series here.

John Schwarz

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