Hulu and BBC love puppets too!

Hulu’s a pretty kick-ass site, they get some of the best content from all over and put it in one spot. And it looks like they are going to be continuing that trend because Hulu has announced the American acquisition of the BBC Series 3 “The Mongrels”.

“The Mongrels” is a puppet-based live action comedy which stars five animals who live in the back alleys of East London. Its here we are introduced to Nelson, a metrosexual fox, a bitch named Destiny, a street-smart pigeon named Kali, Marion who was at one time a house cat, and a no-nonsense Fox named Vince (I didn’t realize London even had foxes).

The show has already completed one season, and just recently(November 7th, 2011) started season 2. So apparently, people in the UK love their puppets as much as we do. Which is good because we can use all the help we can get with people like this cunt from FOX Business(sister company to former “hack” publication News of the World).  Check it out on

John Schwarz

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