Nancy Cartwright Discusses How She Thinks ‘The Simpsons’ Should End

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If off-seasons of shows are supposed to be a time to relax, then no one told Nancy Cartwright.

The voice of Bart recently created & dedicated a statue, chatted about the exit of Harry Shearer, talked up her new animated series, and now has shed some light on how she thinks The Simpsons should ultimately end.

Having been renewed for season 27 and 28, the finale is definitely not near, but seeing veteran Harry Shearer possibly leave after 26 seasons (as well as the recent passing of voice actor Marcia Wallace and series co-creator Sam Simon) has reminded us all of its mortality.

If Cartwright has her way, the show will go out on its own terms, and on its own schedule, she told SMH. The worst thing would be a sudden demise caused by bad blood. (Which sounds more like a horrible medical condition than the ending of a comedy cartoon.)

“What I would really love to happen, if it’s not going to go on any more than that [season 28], I would like to put out there that it’s a decision that’s made outside of a negotiation,” she said. “That it gives the writers a chance to be able to end the series in a dignified, respectable way that the public has earned. It’s just not right to do it any other way than that because to pull the rug out from so many people that have invested their career and all their training, as writers, as directors, as animators, as musicians, as voice artists, to get it pulled without any warning whatsoever and just say ‘we’re done’ is not right.”

Of course the fans deserve better too. “We owe that to the public to give them a little bit of heads-up and say this is going to be it,” she said. “That’s what I wish for.”

As for me, I’d like the show to go out in a blaze of glory. Maybe the writers & producers, in an ultimate spearing of public officials, undermine the government a la Edward Snowden and have to go on the run – completing a few of the final seasons as fugitives in Russia. They’ll then receive a full pardon by whatever Vice President takes over for the POTUS that originally accused the show of treason (and is eventually impeached for this decision) and return for one final triumphant finale.

Simple, right?

[via SMH]

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