HBO MAX Posts Seasons 1-23 Of “South Park” Minus Five Episodes



HBO MAX continues to do the bidding of the extreme left and religious right with this fucking move. Only days after restoring Gone With The Wind with a disclaimer after weeks of it being removed, the streaming service continues to stumble with a seemingly innocuous move in not posting five, of the 307 episodes that have ever broadcasted for South Park. These episodes include:

Super Best Friends (season 5)

200/201 (season 14)

Cartoon Wars Part 1/2 (season 10)

The main reasons being given are the unflattering ways in which South Park depicts the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, despite the fact that the show routinely satirizes everyone’s religions including Scientology, Christianity, and Judaism, Islam is the one chosen for special treatment in that any episodes portraying a negative take on the Muslim religion, I guess, are two extreme for our virgin eyes.

Fortunately, for fans of the series, all of these episodes are available on DVD, quickly becoming my preferred method of watching anything with an archive.

Comedy Central doesn’t seem to mind one fucking bit, having renewed South Park for three additional seasons, none of which are currently in production. A new season is expected to hit this Fall.

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