Glitch Productions Teases Final Season Of Meta Runner

Four years ago, Australia’s Glitch Productions shocked the Youtube world with it’s new series Meta Runners and now it’s coming to an end. Set to premiere Summer 2022, Meta Runner’s third season will be the final run for the franchise from Kevin and Luke Lerdwichagul though I wouldn’t count out Glitch Productions just yet of introducing some new IP.

In the meantime, check out the teaser for Meta Runner season three down below.


In Silica City, all media and entertainment are mostly based around video games, not just serving as entertainment, but also jobs in live streaming and lifestyle. Among the gamers are Meta Runners, individuals who have replaced their limbs with cybernetic arms that allow them to boost their gaming performance. The series tells the story of Tari, a Meta Runner who was the subject of an experiment called Project Blue, led by Dr. Sheridan, a scientist who was commissioned by TASCorp. After waking up in an abandoned lab, Tari finds herself in Silica City with no memory of what happened except for a few flashbacks. The last thing Tari can remember is a sudden accident causing an explosion in the lab.