Gen:Lock Premieres January 2019 for Rooster Teeth

I dig giant robots.

A month after their big lead casting announcement, Gray Haddock has given us a release…month for Rooster Teeth’s next potential hit, Gen:Lock. Seems we’ll be kicking off the new year with a giant metal foot as the show premieres in January. My speculations about it coming off the heels of this year’s Red Vs Blue are now dashed, though I guess we’ve seen what an undercooked release looks like now that we’re still waiting on Nomad of Nowhere to finish its first season.

This news also comes with a first full body look at the show’s “Holon” mechs (with some already comparing it to Full Metal Panic’s “Arbalest”), as well as addressing some concerns about how the RT Animation staff will be managed during these developments, noting that while the crew has been rapidly expanding and still accepting new helpers, some RWBY animators will have to be shifted as they try juggling these two budgetary behemoths at the same time. The time of this release will also put the beginning of Gen:Lock right near the last third of RWBY Volume 6 if the last few years of putting out that show remain consistent.

Click here for Gray’s update, and in the meantime, keep up with our RVB and Camp Camp episode reviews, as keep it here for when RWBY Chibi comes back later this month.

David Kaldor

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