‘Gen Zed’ breaks transgender barriers for animated comedy

Gen Zed is an animated comedy about four college-age people living together which sounds like a rather typical premise, right? Yes, except that the series is claiming to be the first to feature a transgendered character named Shona in the lead role. Not only that, but the series features exceptional talent behind it which includes Futurama’s Paul Calder as the editor and Goodnight, Burbank’s Hayden Black. Needless to say, the series will get attention and it has the pedigree to take it to the next step.

This isn’t the first-time a transgendered character has been a major character in an animated series with Mr. Garrison from South Park being the most famous transgender character in the history of cartoons. That said, Gen Zed seems to have enough to stand on its own judging by the first trailer because there’s a lot to like so far even in this short clip.

No release date has been announced for Gen Zed, but when we find out we’ll let you know.

John Schwarz

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