Exclusive: Celebrate The 20th Anniversary Of “Futurama” With This Excerpt From Our Upcoming Book

Futurama is celebrating it’s 20th Anniversary (March 28th, 1999) and we decided to give you guys a sneak peek of our upcoming untitled book about the history of adult animation. This is our chapter for Futurama which will be included in the hard copy release coming soon to a store near you! From “30th Century FOX” comes a story about a punk kid stumbling into a hyperbaric chamber that then freezes him solid for a 1000 years and wake up in a time where we have spaceships,talking robots, and one surviving can of sardines.


Top 10 Animated Films Adapted from a TV Series

What would you do if you created a popular adult animated show and you wanted to tell bigger stories and make more money?  Of course, you release a movie.  Having a film as part of your series is a sign of success these days.  What would have once been considered doomed to fail, has now become a trend, which is probably why it took The Simpsons nearly 20 years to release a big budget film.  So, while we wait, and wait, and wait some more for news about the Bob’s Burgers Movie that will blow our minds in 2020- or, what we all really want, a Rick and Morty film- we thought we would take a look back at ten of the best movies based on an animated TV series.  Counting Down:


Twelve Writers From “The Simpsons” Who Have Gone on to Run Their Own Shows

The Simpsons is the longest-running scripted primetime series of all time.  Later this year will mark the beginning of the monumental 30th season.  Between the cultural craze and the multiple- and, I mean multiple- awards- The Simpsons has been one of the most influential television shows of our, or any, generation.  Created way back in 1989 for Fox Broadcasting Company, there is no way that Matt Groening had any idea that this cartoon family would still be so relevant today.

To this day over 125 writers have been credited for work on The Simpsons.  Many of them owe a debt of gratitude to Groening for giving them a platform to start their careers.  There is also a slew of creators, producers, and showrunners, that without Groening’s brilliant creation may not have had as an illustrious career as they have enjoyed.  Let’s take a look at some of the best writers to come out of The Simpsons bullpen and who went on to run, and sometimes create their own television series.