Fuse Media and FOX Searchlight Could Both Be Bringing More Adult Animation To Television

Television wants a say!

On the back of the announced renewal of The Hollywood Puppet Show,  rumors are afloat that Fuse might be jumping into bed with Boondocks producers Carl Jones and Brian Ash for a block of adult animation delivered in Saturday Morning cartoons format ala Adult Swim and FOX ADHD. Nothing has been greenlit as of now, but if it comes to fruition, Fuse could be good competition to the aforementioned Adult Swim.

Similarly, Isle of Dogs distributors FOX Searchlight has opened up a TV division where they will be curating for new voices for the purposes of producing new intellectual property for distribution, most likely for the FOX networks first. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that animation could be a great resource of new ideas with Netflix, Amazon, and Apple all getting in on the action, this could be a great way for a 20th Century FOX sister company to be more nimble with picking up projects with potential Emmy-flair.

Regardless, television networks are gearing up to take advantage of the boom in adult animation.

John Schwarz

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