Funimation Streams Entirety Of English Dubbed First Season Of Log Horizon

Funimation hasn’t announced an English dubbed adaptation for Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table which is slated to premiere with subtitles on January 13th, but starting today, Funimation subscribers can stream the entire first season English dubbed. It’s the latest example of a long line of English dubbed acquisitions where the streamer will stream the entirety of series before a big event. Likewise, late last year, Funimation streamed the English dub adaptation of Parasyte just before it came out on home release. With Funimation eyeing Log Horizon as a key acquisition from Sentai Filmworks who was responsible for the production of this dub only to lose the rights, Funimation looks to do the same.


While playing his favorite MMORPG, Shiroe is sucked into the fantasy world of Akiba. Lucking upon two of his friends also playing, they venture out to discover this once-familiar world.

His new party of Adventurers soon find they are now in a realm with hordes of monsters and murderous Player Killers. What do you do when there’s no way out, and not even death is an escape? You play!

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