FOX ADHD launches NEW ”Pizza Party” Contest


The only thing yummier than pizza is free pizza. FOX knows this and as a result have announced a brand new ”Pizza Party” contest that expires this Friday. According to the Facebook page:

Win a hundreh-dolla-balla pizza party for you & your friends on Saturday March 1st for the finale of Golan the Insatiable & Lucas Bros. Moving Co. @11P!!! 

Just sign in, go to any episode of Golan or Lucas Bros and use our super simple GIFMaker to make a rad/funny/weird/beautiful GIF. Post it to Facebook using hashtag#ADHDpizzaparty AND email us @ using email address you check regularly. 

DO IT & we might be contacting you Friday afternoon to set up your PIE PARTY for Saturday Night!!!! 

First of all, it has now been confirmed that the upcoming episode of Golan the Insatiable is indeed the finale. That’s important to note and as of now we haven’t heard of anything for a pickup. We do know that there are six more episodes of Lucas Bros. on the way to coincide with the return of Axe Cop

That said if you kids want some free pizza, enter this kick-ass contest! For full instructions and rules go here.

John Schwarz

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