First Look: Justin Roiland’s “Solar Opposites” Finds Home With Hulu

Let’s see what we’re dealing with here.

We told you guys years ago about a new animated series coming from Mike McMahan and Justin Roiland called Solar Opposites. Three years later, the series finally has a home with Hulu starting in 2020 and production kicking off this October and two seasons being ordered on tap.

The series will star Justin Roiland (“Terry”/”Kovo”) Sean Giambrone (“Yumyulack”) and Mary Mack (“Jesse”) as aliens being forced to live on Earth which is quite a bit of a downgrade of their previous planet and will be produced by 20th Century FOX which now makes two adult animated series being produced for streaming services as opposed to the FOX network which is where Solar Opposites was already shopped and passed on. In the meantime, Justin’s got 70 episodes of Rick and Morty on tap while 20th Century FOX will also have streamed Central Park for Apple TV.


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