Final Space Season Three Trailer Premiere Announced

Olan Rogers has announced that a new trailer for Final Space season three is coming on February 16th @ 9am PST. We’ve been reporting on all of the season three news of which Olan promises will be a more ambitious endeavor when it premieres in 2021 for Adult Swim. The series has been a ratings monster for Adult Swim, having seen an increase in viewership for the franchise of about 30% whence compared to the first season which aired on TBS.

Olan has been teasing the premiere date for Final Space season three for a while saying that it was coming “soon”, so the hope is this trailer will also come with a premiere date on Adult Swim. Furthermore, news about the whereabouts of when the first two seasons will stream on HBO MAX is also said to be close behind, which is good, because you can’t stream it in the United States despite the fact that we are in the year of our lord 2021 and HBO MAX has a full animation landing page in which to do so.

Final Space Season 3 is the cover story for Bubbleblabber the Magazine Issue #2 that you can get here.


Gary Goodspeed is a boisterous yet inept astronaut who, in the midst of working off the last few days of his five-year sentence aboard the prison spacecraft Galaxy One, encounters a mysterious planet-destroying alien. He befriends the alien, naming him Mooncake, and then discovers that Mooncake is wanted by the forces of a powerful telekinetic creature known as the Lord Commander. Gary and Mooncake embark on a quest to save the universe, together with the ship’s computer HUE, an army of similar but unfalteringly loyal robots, and a growing crew of new shipmates—all while trying to uncover the mystery of what “Final Space” really is.


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