“Final Space” Creator Teases Season Three Release Window, Just Doesn’t Know Where


Final Space season three is currently in production according to show creator Olan Rogers who has updated his fans with both a release time frame (February 2021) and options for where the show is going to air/stream (Adult Swim, TBS, or HBO Max). A bunch of plot elements are being teased and Olan seems super proud which, of course he is because it’s his series. That said, we’ve done some digging around on our own and have got news on the front of Final Space season three.

We’re hearing that Final Space season three will not be coming in February 2021 and instead will be closer to Spring because higher-ups at Turner Broadcasting are looking at the show being a binge-offering instead of a weekly television offering. Ergo, the entire third season will drop at once for HBO MAX. Olan notes that he’s only halfway through in writing the third season (this is all the while he’s writing a whole ‘nother TV series in the form of Lion’s Blaze which has already been ordered to series)so if one were to chart the average time it takes to write/produce/lock an episode, across the number of episodes of Final Space season three, then April 2021 doesn’t sound too far-fetched.

For WarnerMedia, it’s all systems go on HBO MAX. The linear offerings are second fiddle for the company right now and AT&T is looking everywhere to cut expenditures so they can focus more on content. Adult Swim has shortened it’s Toonami lineup, Audience Network is dead, TNT is a sports network, and TBS is built like a broadcast net. Moreover, rumors are percolating again of a merger with Dish and AT&T-owned DirecTV satellite companies just as another announcement was made that all of the WarnerMedia networks will be made available on YoutubeTV.


[h/t: Reddit]

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