Exclusive: Jeff & Some Aliens Season Two Officially Not Happening

Jeff & Some Aliens, the TripTank spinoff from Comedy Central about the world’s most average guy and his three alien roommates, will not be back for a second season.

Although the scripts appear to have been written and ready to go, the show ultimately was not given a green light, and will not be moving forward at the network.  Like many of its predecessors, this marks another short run for a Comedy Central animated project not named South Park.

Created by Sean Donnelly and Alessandro Minoli, the darkly humorous show was well received by critics and enjoyed a small but loyal fan base (the season finale drew a .15 share, about average for the show, but down from its season high of .22).  Whether this is truly the end for Jeff and his extra-terrestrial roommates, or if there’s any chance the show might find another home somewhere like Adult Swim, Hulu, or Netflix, still remains to be seen.

Jeff is the world’s most average guy but his roommates are anything but ordinary. He shares his small one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment with Sammy, Jimmy and Ted, three aliens from the planet Azuria. The extraterrestrial trio has been sent to Earth to observe the intricate complexities of humans. Though their intentions may be good, their actions usually just end up wreaking havoc on Jeff’s life.