English Dub Review: Wonder Egg Priority: “The Happy Friendship Plan”

Overview: Taking a break from the girls’ harrowing adventures in the Egg World, “The Happy Friendship Plan” summarizes Ai (Mikaela Krantz), Momoe (Michelle Rojas), Rika (Anairis Quinones) and Neiru’s (Dawn M. Bennett) backstory and the events that have led them to where they are now in the form of recap episode. 

Our Take: Wonder Egg Priority’s eighth episode debuts in the form of every anime fan’s hopes and dreams. Yes, that’s right. A recap of everything that’s transpired thus far during the young heroine’s adventures to save someone dear to them in the form of Acca and Ura-acca trying to sell a faceless entity on the idea of buying an egg. 

Truth be told, there is nothing of note here. Really all this chapter entails is a simple cliff notes version of Ai and the girls tragic history and the struggles that have led them to where they are now and why they choose to keep fighting. However, with that being said, it does offer a good refresher for details that had slipped my mind without even realizing it. These mostly have to do with the way the laws and physics surrounding the dream-like scape, the Egg World, work. Whether it be either explained initially or a few extra details, there were some tidbits to get out of this entry. For instance, while the regenerative capabilities and the added physical effects were always prevalent, the mysterious world granting immortality was definitely a factor I had not considered in a while. Also, the synching aspect with someone else while was not a facet forgotten, it reminded me that it is an intriguing characteristic and did make me want to see it more. Thus far, it has only been featured once and was very brief. That kind of feature provides an easy avenue into a lot of great emotional interplay and amazing performances amongst the girls, if used correctly. 

CloverWorks’ Wonder Egg returns with an episode that is quite skippable in all actuality. There is nothing inherently bad about it, it’s just unimportant in the long run like most of these types of episodes that have come before it in other anime series. But if you have not seen a new episode in a while, whether it be waiting for the English dub’s release or because of taking a break from the series, it is not a bad way to get oneself back up to speed should you need it. 

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