English Dub Review: Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun “The Signal That the Harvest Festival Has Begun”


The final battle for Babyl’s first years, the Harvest Festival, finally begins. It is a rank-advancement exam in the form of a survival game that takes place over four days. They must hunt the various magical beasts and plants that exist in the jungle for points, and the one who comes out with the most points wins. The Misfit Class just finished some rigorous training, and they end up back in the groups they ended up training with, butting heads with everyone else. Onward to the jungle filled with dangerous magical beasts!

Our Take

For the first Year’s last practical exam which is the built-up “Harvest Festival”, acquiring food to show the survival of the fittest. And winning this festival holds the honor of making prominent demons like Ameri, so this is especially important for anyone rising the ranks. There’re some that stand out, being the Gimel Rank 3 Naphula the Silent, the Dorodoro brothers Ichiro and Niro who are notorious rule-breakers, and the often 2nd place ranked Orobas Coco. Of course, there’s the Misfit Class racking their presence a lot so far in the game, and they’re not kidding around to win the Harvest Festival as well.

Everyone’s training from Hell was exacerbated through the goal to win the Harvest Festival, but not Asmodeus as he’s already Dalet Rank 4, so he didn’t need to try as hard (but he did anyways). With Lead’s war cry beckoning Iruma to call out, the Harvest Festival begins, and points are ranked based on the finding difficulty. Easy ones are scored lower, but boss-ranked ones are higher that require team-based formations to defeat.

Overall, this episode was over in a flash, everyone looks great in their new clothes and it seems they have grown a lot in terms of experience, it is going to be great how everyone is going to do every challenge after polishing their strengths which is heavily reflected in how each of them suffered during their training. I’m not surprised they’re doing a contest of who suffered the most, but now the harvest festival finally started and it’s interesting, especially for the other involved characters. And since they’re harvesting food ingredients, could the ED song scene could potentially serve as foreshadowing? I guess we’ll find out in the next episode…