English Dub Review: Warlords of Sigrdrifa “Disaster Recovery Assessment!”

Overview (Spoilers Below):

After the battle of Umihotaru, Claudia gets a visit from Odin about her winning streak and her strength for Ragnarok. Then Claudia helps out Miyako with breakfast as the Commander sends them out on an assessment on Umihotaru. The assessment quickly turns into a buffet and sightseeing trip which Claudia is confused about until Miyako and Sonoka bring up how the people are in good condition. After another stop at an ice cream palace Claudia asked them why they were at Tateyama base in the first place.

Then Miyako gets called back to the base and that’s when Sonoka mentions to Claudia about fairy tales and sending people off. When they return Claudia is told that Miyako is sending off one of the recon guys who barely managed to survive from the Umihotaru incident. Claudia and Miyako send the man off peacefully. The next morning Claudia asks how Miyako can stay strong and the episode ends on a light note with Claudia trying out the raw fish.


Our Take:

This episode hit surprisingly deep towards the end which helped with the lack of action in this week’s episode and it subtly reminds people that this anime isn’t all cute girls flying planes and that there’s actual casualties with the wars against the Pillars.

Claudia’s meeting with Odin definitely was an interesting scene. For starters the fact that he chooses to stay in that room when he’s a god and could just disappear shows that he’s there to reassure others that he’s on humanity’s side as Claudia states. Furthermore, it shows that despite his mischievous behavior he does care for the Valkyries given his tone when mentioning Ortlinde to Claudia. Then there’s Miyako and Claudia’s conversation about Odin. Miyako nicknaming a god like Odin was amusing even if they don’t mesh well personality wise. It also sheds some light on Odin and Valkyries and that the girls can discuss things with their god. Admittedly this makes me curious about his interactions with the other Valkyries and how they differ from each other.

The overall plot of the episode was good at giving subtle hints with the lack of sleep from the soldiers to Miyako being unexpectedly busy that day. Personally that recon guy scene snuck up on me with how the episode was going through the assessment like it was just a normal day at a resort. That scene was sad but also had that reassurance on how he isn’t going there all alone. Claudia’s song was a nice touch to the sad scene as she joined Miyako. The burden of being a Valkyrie is a hard one especially with being tasked to save the world when the girls could be living a normal life. Therefore it’s not hard to see why there’s so much normalcy from the Valkyries and the rest of the base. That normalcy is what they’re fighting for in the end by defeating the Pillars.

Aside from the aftermath of the recon guy, there’s the more lighthearted scenes. Claudia being a picky eater with the raw fish and her willingness to overcome her weakness like that afterwards. The reasons why Sonoka and Miyako were assigned to Tateyama, and the trio touring around the resort and getting free food. Azuzu showing up late to breakfast and going to maintenance for her modifications. Those interactions helped cement their characters and give small hints to their background. The scenes weren’t out of place in my opinion considering the beginning had a few hints to the emotional scene.

Overall the episode was good with how the episode dealt with the recon guy and his passing with Valkyries at his side. The light hearted moments also contributed to getting used to the world and people of Warlords of Sigrdrifa.


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