English Dub Review: URAHARA “Fabulous Crêpe”

URAHARA shakes things up as the Scoopers come out on top for once.

Overview (Spoilers Below):

Picking up right where we left off last time, Mari and Kotoko are being plagued by their own insecurities. Mari can’t stand the thought of losing her online popularity, while Kotoko just wants everyone to be together forever. When Sayumin shows up and offers them magical crepes that will grant these wishes, they don’t hesitate before digging in. But Sayumin isn’t the wholesome mentor figure everyone assumed she was. As Rito looks on in horror, she transforms into a giant, proving she’s more Scooper than human.

Rito engages in a battle with her former crepe supplier, trying to stop the Scooper from destroying PARK. In the end, Rito stabs Sayumin in the heart and kills her. However, this only makes things worse. Mari and Kotoko are shocked about the violent struggle, and the people of PARK are angry that the battle wrecked much of the town. Overwhelmed and at her lowest point, Rito decides that becoming a Scooper is the price she has to pay in order to remain with her friends.

Our Take:

This episode did a great job defying my expectations. Up until now, URAHARA has been in danger of becoming too predictable, with the girls solving problems and battling random Scoopers. But this time around, the Scoopers have won. I’m genuinely curious about where the show will go from here, now that two episodes in a row have ended on depressing notes for our heroes. (I wonder if Misa, who is showing increasing signs of guilt over the role she’s played in the destruction of the girls’ friendship, will switch sides?)

On the negative side, the beginning of Fabulous Crepe seemed to drag on and on. It felt like the first 10 minutes of the episode was spent rehashing the same things over and over – Mari’s lust for popularity and Kotoko’s need for belonging. Luckily, the latter half’s pacing was improved and the ending came as a welcome surprise twist.



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