English Dub Review: To Your Eternity “Wandering Rage”



Fushi, Tonari, and their friends fight the Nokkers, who now have power over the deceased, and Tonari and Fushi have difficulty recognizing their dearest departed friends. As Fushi cowers in sorrow and fear, an obsessed Hayase forces him to make a decision to save Tonari from the warrior woman’s lethal wrath to “negotiate” with Fushi, who promises to hear her out but only if she releases Tonari…

Our Take

Fushi leaving that island was really big overcoming. What was once an island that imprisoned and enslaved Fushi from escaping to the freedom he has become all too familiar with, has now become a land where his new friends reside in. This island has taught Fushi a lot, as does the previous locations he has been in before. Meanwhile, it’s sad to see that Fushi felt helpless to save some of his friends.

On the subject of friends, at least there is some hope with Tonari in this arc. She displays more courage and hope for the people and her friends. For Hayase, where do I even begin? Hayase sure doesn’t know when to stop stalking Fushi to the ends of the Earth and with infinitely warped affection of love and death. It’s a good Fushi has enough class to avoid such a murderous Diva who, to put it mildly, got the worst fate imaginable…

What kept me from giving this a higher rating was the fact that many aspects of this episode felt a little contrived with its excessive amounts of Deus ex Machina’s, like when people are “put to sleep” by Fushi or Hayase, or characters appearing from nowhere to save/attack others in the last second. At least Dragonball knew how to utilize that formula a lot better when it came to waiting for Goku. I’ll admit that this storyline had a lot of rocky middle parts but the ending kind of makes up for it.