English Dub Review: The Promised Neverland “301045”

Ray’s bad! He’s bad! You know it!


Norman explains Ray how he planned to trick him by telling him different places he put the rope than what he told Don and Gilda, but he’s also more than a little shocked that Ray has been going behind their backs to Isabella this whole time, as well as confused why he wouldn’t just rat on them already. Still, remembering Emma’s words about wanting to help whoever the traitor was, Norman decides to try to turn him over to their side. Ray explains that he’s in this for his own gains and is willing to help them escape by breaking the tracking devices…as long as they only take the five of the kids that know about the secret so far. He then goes to report to Isabella to keep her off their trail, as well as laying suspicion on Krone.

That night, Norman has a nightmare of everyone dying in the escape, with Ray warning him that it won’t work. The next day, Ray explains him being the informant to Emma, but not his deal with Norman about not taking everyone. Emma and Gilda also report that Isabella disappears from their observations suddenly at night, possibly meaning that there are secret rooms within the house. Don and Gilda end up investigating and finding a secret entrance but hear footsteps approaching behind them.


Oh my, how the turns have tabled! We’ve officially got backstabbing, alliances within alliances, surrounded by sub-alliances that have their own potential backstabbing which may also involve some eventual front-stabbing and possible side-stabbing! What first seemed like such a clear cut conflict between escaping kids and some sinister adults who are also against each other has suddenly sprawled into this Charlie Day-like corkboard of conspiracies with almost everyone keeping something from someone else! Ray and Norman have the plans that are to help Emma but only to get five of them out, Ray and Isabella have their arrangement of rewarding Ray in exchange for his information, Isabella has her deal to transport the kids who know the secret to her HQ while also keeping Krone from doing the same, and lord knows what the true mastermind, Phil the four-year-old, has up his sleeve!

And what keeps it all together is clear motivation for everyone involved. Emma wants to protect all of her remaining siblings, meaning she’ll forgive someone betraying her in the past as long as it doesn’t harm anyone still alive. Norman wants to help Emma survive, even if it costs her trust and most of their family. Ray also wants to survive and help Emma and Norman, but would rather have them end in a way he knows will kill them a certain way compared to botched freedom that could kill them in so many others. And lastly, Isabella wants to handle her kids her way, even if they’re too smart for their own good. Because all of these motivations are concisely represented, this further expanding net of differing partnerships over two causes is easy to keep track of and makes seeing how it will all unfold that much more exciting.

It’s almost sad to think we’re already just about at the halfway point since this season will only be twelve episodes. Although, if they continue to escalate things at this rate and still manage to keep all the characters feeling fresh and interesting with each new twist, it’s probably going to feel like both the shortest and longest remaining seven weeks. Eventually, we’re going to need to get to that escape plan execution, and who knows who’s going to be still around to pull it off, left behind when it happens, or even make it out when the time is right. Probably not Phil the four-year-old, I’m guessing.

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