English Dub Review: The Misfit of Demon King Academy “The Glow of Life”


Anos’ team face the reincarnations of Kanon, including a previously unknown one named Zeshia who is seemingly able to create doubles of herself which she is able to detonate. While everyone else holds the other members at bay, he and Misha go to investigate what this is about, led by a mysterious call by Eleonore. It seems that the director of Hero Academy, Diego, has been hiding her in some facility. When Anos asks who she is, she says she is “magic”.


Two episodes to go until the end and things are still unfolding quite a bit in this battle between the two academies, namely in showing that the so called Hero Academy is a lot more underhanded than that name might suggest. All the members of this Kanon reincarnation club are scumbags, with the exception of Zeshia who might be part of a clone farm, which doesn’t sound very heroic. One might say that it’s somewhat subversive to have the side that says they’re heroes turn out to be weirdos and cheaters, but really, the “light side” has never been solely good guys in situations like these. I guess it was good to see the Kanon club be mostly put in their place here, though they weren’t exactly the most compelling characters anyway, so it doesn’t end up adding to much anyway. Once again, Anos and his friends are way too overpowered to be fought in a fair fight, ironically them being the “good guys” because they are actually the more powerful instead of the supposed “heroes”, but it doesn’t really show much in the way of an opportunity for change or growth beyond them just showing how awesome they already are. I really need more than that but this show is not great with providing it.

And honestly, a lot of this is about to not matter next week anyway. Well, I guess things introduced here are still going to have a hand in how things turn out, like the spirit bomb type magical spell that the heroes use and why these supposed Kanon “reincarnations” act nothing like him, but we’re also about to hit a hard left turn into the plot for the finale and it’s going to be a really heavy jerk in that direction that’s only going to highlight how this show really could have benefited from either a double length season or just better writing in general. And it’s this weird left turn that also tells me that we’re very unlikely to get a second season out of this, which just sorta sours everything I’ve thought about this series so far even more. But you’ll know what I mean when I get there, since as this paragraph has hopefully made clear, these last two episodes are going to be a DOOZY. And hopefully the hyping them up this way will highlight all of that well when we finally get to seeing what I mean next week.

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