English Dub Review: The Helpful Fox Senko-San “It’s Nice to Let Your Inner Child Out Now and Then, Isn’t It?”

Your boss can legally cuck you, it says so in the fox-girl manual.


By luck, it’s a snow day! Nakano is sure he has to go to his job still, but his office sends out a mass text cancelling work — much to the joy of a snow-loving Senko. Senko encourages Nakano to play outside with her whilst she frolics merrily. He can’t help but mention how pretty she looks, but is too concerned about his age to play in the snow. She chucks a snowball at him, playfully reminding him that she’s over 800 years old. He laughs and finally joins. They have a snowball fight, roll a giant snowball, and lay down laughing in the snow. When they go inside, Nakano warms his hands with her tail — which causes her to get a cold.

Later on, the two are getting cozy in the kotatsu, but surprise! The mysterious fox-woman appears! She introduces herself as Lady Sora, Senko’s “boss.” Nakano recognizes her from the beach (to which she responds with how she had to punish/imprison Shiro for “using the beach without her permission.”) Anyway, she literally only showed up to meet/”toy” with Nakano, and proceeds to try and seduce him right in front of Senko. However, Nakano is only interested in fluffing her four tails. She leaves, amused, and warns him not to make Senko upset.

While Senko was slightly cross with him for wanting to fluff her tails, she forgives him over dinner. Shiro and Sora look on.

Our Take

While the first half of the episode was pretty wholesome, the second half literally read like that one WKUK sketch. Thankfully, most of the overall hentai-esque tone of the seduction scene was tonally overruled by the sheer thought of Senko standing there, doing absolutely nothing. Like, seriously. There was nothing she could do. The powerful several-thousand year old fox lady is her boss, and could kill her if she even tried to stop her from doing it. Senko was literally cucked, and it was the only thing that saved the scene. “Lady Sora, take my car, take my keys. Go home and f**k my husband.”

Obviously, nothing actually happened, but the way Nakano blurted out that he wanted “jam his face right into her huge, fluffy tail,” would still be enough to warrant a night banned to the couch, in my book. Seriously, man — the moment another fox girl shows up, you literally go chasing another tail? For shame. At least Sora actually looks like an adult — despite her hilariously horrible anatomy problem.

On a positive Sora note, her voice actress is such a breath of fresh air to listen to. She’s smooth, concise, and doesn’t shout in a high-pitched manner. The intent for trying to seduce Nakano seems to be her way of seeing if he was pure of heart, as she appeared to be at least semi-concerned for Senko’s happiness. Then again, she doesn’t want Nakano’s “clueless” behavior to “go beyond that.” It could be that she doesn’t want Nakano to fully realize Senko’s intent for caring for him, but Shiro had already dropped the ancestor info on him a few episodes ago — and he seemed fine with it. What exactly is Sora up to?

Senko, it’s time to go to HR.

Kayla Gleeson

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