English Dub Review: The Duke of Death and His Maid “The Duke, Alice, and a Night in the Witches World”



Cuff and Zain come to take the Duke and Alice to the witch’s sabbath. Hopefully, there they can find some clues to the witch who cursed the Duke and maybe how to lift it.

Our Take:

I really like the relationship between the Duke and Alice. I’m sure I’ve probably mentioned that before but it’s really well done. Alice’s teasing can go a little over the top at times especially since she knows he can’t touch her. It’s also refreshing to have two characters actually be honest with their feelings this early in a series. Though the Duke is worried about Alice not understanding how sincere he is, I think she knows.

Zain and Cuff are fun characters that get a little more time to shine here. I really liked the scene where Zain defended Cuff when some other witch’s made fun of her for being half-human. He got very protective so to me, it’s clear that he has feelings for her and cares about her. So why is he constantly flirting with Alice? Characters like that rub me the wrong way like if you care about someone don’t flaunt your flirty nature in front of them. One of the few character tropes that really annoy me.

Based on how some of the other witch’s act and look it seems they’re more like monsters than traditional witches we think of. They still do magic and stuff but I look how it’s a bit of a unique take on witches.

I forget this show is CGI at times, it’s not so much that it’s that good but just the characters and story make it less noticeable. If that makes sense. I wasn’t very interested in this show because of the animation style but I am glad I was wrong about that. Clifford Chapin and Kristen McGuire continue to have amazing chemistry.

The only thing I don’t like from a story perspective is that it seems like we’re back to square one again. I also feel like Alice’s mom was definitely a witch and maybe even the one who cursed the Duke. Now THAT would be an interesting plot development.


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