English Dub Review: The Demon Girl Next Door “New Semester! The Magical Girl’s New Duty!”


A chaotic summer break ends, and a new school semester begins with Mikan transferring into Shamiko’s class.

Our Take

This time around we have a Mikan-focused episode and it’s understandable for her to be stressed when school starts like that. Despite the others being kind and participating in the activities (Also, these many named committees are just so weird but hilarious). I also liked how Mikan felt free in a new environment and how caring were the girls around her. After all, she is too unfair to herself because of a stupid curse.

I feel sympathetic for Mikan. She was nervous about her first day at school, but Momo, Shamiko, and the others made her feel very welcome. However, while preparing for their cultural festival, Mikan’s curse sadly struck again, but Momo was able to negate the damage as much as she could. Because of this, Mikan felt frustrated with herself and got rather depressed…

Overall, this episode sure went from fluffy sweetness to action and seriousness very fast. It’s clear that Mikan’s curse is doing bad again and now it looks like the only way to fix her is to enter her heart directly with Momo and Shamiko. Hopefully, they’ll be able to help Mikan. She’s had to live with that for too long as this episode showed and deserves. And with one more episode left, it should definitely gonna be interesting for this season finale.