English Dub Review: The Bizarre Stories of Professor Zarbi “The Magic Coconut”; “The Terminator”




“The Magic Coconut”

Professor Zarbi and Benjamin are enjoying a well-deserved vacation. While living the resort life, they are treated to a one-of-a-kind magic show. Unfortunately, the impressive exhibition ends with Zarbi switching minds with a small lap dog. Worst of all, the powerful coconut that made this trick possible is broken. Now, Benjamin and the K9 Zarbi must search out a replacement from a cursed underground island.

“The Terminator”

A mysterious traveller has arrived, and he has one mission, to hunt and kill Benjamin. Thankfully, the boy’s mother and mentor have teamed up to help keep him alive. Unfortunately, their enemy is a relentless indestructible machine. But some secrets about Benjamin’s conception may hold the clues as to where this killer robot came from.


Our Take:

The Bizarre Stories of Professor Zarbi has charmed audiences for its short parodies of science fiction and fantasy. Although, there is still much to be desired from this ongoing anthology about a paranormal professor and his adolescent understudy. Chiefly, the absence of any explanation about the characters relationship and origins. 

Surprisingly, season two may have some of the answers that fans have been hoping for.

“The Terminator,” the second of the two new released quarter-hour episodes, explored more backstory than the show has ever introduced. This includes the first appearance of Benjamin’s mother. She apparently is not so fond of her son’s adventures with their neighbour. Further, the mom reveals some unexpected history on how her beloved son was conceived. Although, how it all plays out is still yet to be revealed as this episode promises a continuation.

More than just the unexplored origin story, “The Terminator” is also the first episode to bring back an old character – well, at least an old character’s brother. And, not just any character, but the alien from one of the show’s most excellent pieces yet, “The Space Arcade”.

Although not as exploratory as the latter piece., the leading episode, “The Magic Coconut,” also held up with originality and entertainment.

It always makes for a great Professor Zarbi when a theme is in place. This one happens to be a tropical vacation that puts Zarbi and Benjamin on the hunt for a magical coconut. As simple as that might sound, this was episode was much less predictable than most of the show’s content. In fact, this 15-minute story was packed full of piranhas, monsters, and even a talking tree. Making this one of the most diverse outings from the franchise thus far.

After the first few episodes in season two, there was reason to worry that The Bizarre Stories of Professor Zarbi was going to stick to its old formula. Expanding out and attempting to build this world further is precisely what the show has been missing. Allowing some backstory for the star characters only adds depth. It was much needed after nearly no explanation at the beginning.

Hopefully, we get much more episodes like “The Terminator” throughout season two. With the promise of a continuation, it will be interesting if we will be treated to that next Sunday, or if the show will hold its secrets until later in the season.