English Dub Review: The Ancient Magus’ Bride “Live and let live.”

The grand finale.


Chise chases Cartaphilius down for the final showdown.

Our Take:

Chise confronts Cartaphilus, and challenges him to reflect on what he’s done. He lashes out at her, citing all the pain and suffering he’s felt over the years. One of the things that Cartaphilus wants is to be free, the other is someone to understand his pain. Since nobody else carries the same curse, nobody can understand his suffering. When Chise argues that he has no right to hurt people in his selfishness, he reminds her that she’s the same way. He’s not incorrect: Chise has remained largely ignorant in the series regarding her sense of self and how her absence can cause others to suffer as well. However, Chise has grown as a person and recognizes her own recklessness. In doing so, she’s able to pacify Cartaphilus with the reassurance that he’s correct, that someone thinks like he does, and that he’s no longer alone. While the resulting magic battle isn’t enough to kill Cartaphilus, it’s enough to exhaust him, enough that he no longer wants to remain awake to deal with Chise again.

In the end, Chise has won. By absorbing part of Cartaphilus into her body, his longevity will counterbalance the dragon’s curse, and allow her to live for a normal amount of time. She is able to freely live the rest of her life the way she wants, without being confined by the Sleigh Beggy’s short lifespan. She is able to go home once again.

The series ends with her final pursuit of Elias. She forces them to talk it out, and they make a promise to not worry each other and communicate their issues in the future. With the help of the people she’s come to know and love, Chise takes the final step- and marries Elias. She is the one to be forward this time, and Elias has to accept her feelings. They end with hope, for their relationship, for their future, and for their care about each other.

Altogether, a stellar ending. Anime often has trouble wrapping up, but Magus Bride managed to do so without a hitch. I’m seriously impressed by this series. More to come in my series review next week but this show was truly a treat.


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