English Dub Review: Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town? “Suppose the Protagonist of a Novel Led the Story to a Grand Finale?”



Lloyd shows how OP he is by constantly destroying bug monsters. When Marie finds out the bad guy is a demon lord she’s upset because that means Lloyd and Alka could have intervened. She was mean to Lloyd for nothing.

Lloyd has no trouble with super-powered Mertophan and uses rune magic on the demon lord. Lloyd gets to be a soldier now!

Our Take:

The OP protagonist can be really boring if not done well, this show does it well I promise. It’s hilarious to see how oblivious Lloyd is to his own power. All these monsters are attacking and terrifying people and he just swats em away like we do flies. The best part to me was when he finds Alan hiding from the monsters. I thought Alan was going to be the typical mean noble bully character, but he showed real growth here. He admitted he was hiding and was scared. Lloyd being who he is said he was scared when he saw his first monster too. He then says “There’s no shame in being scared. That’s how we know we’re challenging ourselves”. I thought that part was handled really well.

Alan goes on to save someone from a monster. Showing Lloyd’s speech did not go on deaf ears. Selen continues to do best girl things. She thinks if she gets attacked and her clothing ripped just enough “Sir Lloyd” will come to the rescue. Unfortunately, her magic belt protects her from harm so none of Mertophan’s attacks could get through. We finally get to see how this studio handles serious action sequences for about thirty seconds. I liked what I saw and would definitely like to see more.

Selen’s plan kind of works because Lloyd does show up. He was just planning on saving everyone not just her. Lloyd handles Mertophan easily enough, even starting to reach him with his words. He’s so out of touch though that Lloyd thinks Mertophan is just drunk and wearing a costume and says how disappointed he is in him. This upsets Mertophan and he goes back to his monster form, much to the dismay of everyone else. Luckily, Lloyd can still handle him just fine and at that point, Marie has led the demon lord to their location.

When Marie found out the king was possessed by a demon lord her reaction seemed normal enough. It seemed she was scared but in fact, she was annoyed because if he would have said that sooner she could of involved Lloyd and Alka and wrapped this up sooner! Lloyd is still pretty dense though so if he thought the person before him was a demon lord he would doubt himself. So Marie just tells him he’s a drunk that got messy. So Lloyd uses a rune and poof! Day saved.

The main thing I love about this show is how it subverts tropes in humorous ways. Marie wasn’t scared of the demon lord she was annoyed. Lloyd wasn’t giving a speech to fix a monster, he was disappointed in a “drunk” friend misbehaving. All of the characters react and interact with each other really well. I have to say I still think Alexis Tipton is doing an amazing job as Selen, I can’t wait to see more.

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