Overview (Spoilers Below)
Despite their orders, the DCD heads out to investigate the possible drug dealing involving Soma Kujo. STAND also becomes aware of the situation and heads out to the scene. Upon arrival, they find Kujo with Hiyama. After a search of their belongings turns up no fowl doing, they ask the two why exactly they’re in a storage warehouse at midnight o’clock. Kujo then reveals that they were to meet with a former attendant of his predecessor. Kujo then states that he is investigating the sudden reappearance of Plus himself. However, things go awry when they locate a crate of Plus within their car. The two are taken back to DCD headquarters for questioning.

Back at DCD headquarters, the DCD and STAND members hold a discussion on whether or not Kujo was telling the truth earlier, as they suspect the sloppily found evidence could be someone’s way of framing Kujo. After a lengthy discussion, they come to the conclusion that there is indeed someone framing Kujo. The likely suspect: the guy Kujo and Hiyama intended on meeting with.

Things get a bit more convoluted though when it turns out the suspect is a fake. The attendant is found to actually have passed away long ago. As if things couldn’t get any worse, Miyase disappears, likely conflicted between his trust in Kujo and his dealings with Rei.

Our Take
Alright, we’re in the final moments of this series. I will admit, this is a vast improvement over last week. The episode, at the very least, keeps you interested throughout. However, I seriously can’t make heads or tails of anything anymore. My head is spinning so fast, you’d swear I was on one of those teacups at Disney World! One moment it’s this, the other moment that. All I can say is, thank goodness there’s only one episode left.

On a positive note, the dramatics are decent. The plot threads are enticing enough, reeling myself into the story like a worm does to a fish. Unfortunately, things unravel here in a convoluted way. Heck, even Hattori admits it within the episode! When one of the characters realizes how convoluted this whole mystery has become, you know something got screwed up. The details presented throughout come at such a fast rate, I can barely keep up with them. This is, unfortunately, a problem that’s basically plagued the entire series. It doesn’t help that the series can’t decide whether or not Kujo’s innocent. The plot constantly goes back and forth on this aspect. I understand wanting to not make the mystery clear as day. However, when it’s all jumbled up into a knot, it dilutes the overall experience.

Additionally, the animation’s a pretty stiff affair here. Animation hasn’t exactly been this series’ strong suit, but here it’s particularly noticeable. The characters are usually static in the majority of the scenes. At times, it almost feels like they’re cardboard standees. The only real movement any of them receive is through their lips or the occasional arm movement. I get animation is a lengthy process, and it’s probably necessary to take a few shortcuts at times. However, when the characters barely move, can it really be called animation? Animation is essentially movement. We’re supposed to feel as an audience that these characters are alive, working through their day to day lives just like the rest of us. With that essential portion nearly absent though, how can one truly appreciate it?

All in all, this was a relatively okay time. The plot was enticing, though unfortunately lacking a major amount of clarity throughout. However, the confusion I’ve suffered leaves me wanting to put an ice pack on my head. There’s only one episode left, and I hope it can close out this mixed affair in a decent manner.

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