English Dub Review: So I’m a Spider, So What? “Next Time, Is the Big Battle?”



The Spider-Lady has managed to achieve another evolution, and she’s not too happy about it. Understandable, considering the skill she’s gained has revealed the truth about the world to her. In order to avoid being caught in the chaotic & tumultuous events affecting the world, she decides to confront her own trauma…

Our Take

Is there a limit to how much Spider-Lady can evolve? Strangely enough, it seems she isn’t too pleased about her newest upgrade. On the other hand, it’s interesting that there’s more revealed about that particular fictional world. Every episode seems to have hidden truths just waiting to be discovered. And at this point, I got used to the CGI in this anime so it didn’t bother me much this episode.

In terms of character progression, the shocking reveal Spider-Lady has recently experienced has mentally affected her as she’s enjoying violence and the idea of getting stronger. Also, she found out the secrets of this world and I’m really curious to know them but it will most likely be a while before it’s revealed to us what they particularly are…

Overall this was a pretty fun episode. Spider-Lady overcoming her trauma will be a big step in that direction, which means facing off against the terrifying earth dragon we saw a few episodes back. That gets us back to the topic of grinding levels, Spider-Lady going around fighting some monsters. She did get them all though which is good. Also, the Human side of the story’s proceedings is picking up very nicely and leaves me to wonder how things will turn out as the plot further progresses…

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