English Dub Review: Shadows House “A Great Cleaning”



Kate and Emilico have resolved to become Star Bearers in order to close in on the secrets of the house and begin to make moves in order to gather information. But just as they are about to get started in earnest, the living dolls all gather in the great hall for a rejoicing party where they are attacked by a huge mass of scorches, leading to the second incident of phantom mayhem.

Our Take:

I felt like this episode borrowed a lot from the video game Luigi’s Mansion. There was a giant soot monster and they used a huge vacuum to suck it up. It was really cool and I like that Emilico gets hero moments every now and then. As far as main characters go you’ll have a hard time finding one as cute as her.

We already knew there was some sort of conspiracy afoot but now it seems to have a new wrinkle. Living dolls are somehow able to be controlled, this was alluded to earlier in the episode with Emilico and everyone assumed it was the Belle Twins that did it. But when they did an unspeakable act that they claim they didn’t mean to do, perhaps it wasn’t them.